Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surf's Up, a retrospective

Surfing is the perfect sport to pair with the oblivion-loving cult of Suicidefoodism.

What better illustrates the go-with-the-flow attitude, the humility-in-the-face-of-larger-forces outlook of suicidal "food" animals?

These pigs derive their meager feelings of power through acts of submission. Only through the canceling of the self can the self flourish.

It's exactly the sort of paradox the Movement thrives on.

Surfing is just the right metaphor for the life of pigs brainwashed by the barbecuers.

The sacrificial pigs stay focused, never letting the harsh facts of reality intrude on the experience of the moment. For a spell, they can believe it's just them and the waves out there. Nothing else matters. Their profound futurelessness doesn't exist when they're one with the ocean. (Hog Island BBQ painting shown here.)

Even the hamburger is hangin' loose.

Addendum (12/23/09): More hanging loosely.

Addendum 2 (4/10/10): With his mother's ribs on a plate, his father's meat on a bun, and his honey waiting for him on the beach, Sooey rides the big one. The big one. You know. The Big One? Death?

Addendum 3 (4/25/10): Another radical and/or tubular pig.

Addendum 4 (7/06/10): It's the Surf & Snack burger's angry twin, Chicago's House of Ribs' burger (complete with the same spatula, shadow, and partial "hang loose" hand).

Addendum 5 (8/12/10): Bird, bird, bird! Bird is the word!

Addendum 6 (9/01/10): This little surfin' sow can even do it in cowboy boots and Daisy Dukes.

Addendum 7 (12/18/11): A pig desperate to recapture a youth (and palatability) he never really knew.

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