Monday, August 17, 2009

Eddie's Restaurant

In variously colored shirts, Eddie fully endorses his restaurant's many offerings:

Whether they be dispensed with pancake turners, presented on trays, or even magnified to the frightening proportions of comedic props and speared with ludicrous forks, Eddie is a proud supporter of the business.

His enthusiastic participation is a classic move to quell any pangs potential customers might experience. Eddie's clearly not disturbed by anything that goes down at the restaurant. He takes part in every aspect of the business: cooking, serving, new recipe sampling.

It's only when he contemplates seventy-five years of these goings-on that he begins to look a little nervous. They are never. Going. To. Stop.

We feel for the pig. He's a lifer. His whole livelihood is wrapped up in this place. What's he supposed to do? Turn his back and just walk away?

No, he's made a commitment. He's a stand-up guy. He's in this for the long haul. So he climbs aboard the fish cut-out… boat… thing and hoists the big 7-5 and hopes for the best. He's made it this far. Menu's due for a change. Sure, he can ride this out.


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Anonymous said...

I notice you don't post any suicidal fruits or vegetables.