Saturday, August 29, 2009

Smoked Encounters of the Third Swine

We now know for certain that the desire of animals to be eaten is not confined to Earth. No, it is universal!

This image is all the evidence we need to conclude that all sentient life, wherever and in whatever form we may discover it, wants nothing so much as dying at our hands. We are both humbled and heartened, to realize our place in the untold vastness of the cosmos.

Still, it is puzzling—just a bit—that a species capable of such awesome feats of engineering and mathematics could travel across limitless space, the stars a blur in the background, and enter the atmosphere of our obscure, blue planet, only to say, "Take me to your eater."

Unless… Is it possible that this is not actually intended as documentary proof that extraterrestrial pigs have visited Earth and volunteered to die? Could this be mere propaganda? Another cunning deception from the Movement?

Our investigation is ongoing.

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Desdemona said...

This also helps explain Richard Dreyfuss' choice of mashed potatoes as the appropriate medium to reconstruct Devil's Tower...!