Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jerk Chicken vs BBQ Chicken

We must say at the outset that we have no idea what this is. Is it promotional material for an actual event? An inside joke? An artist's elaborate doodle? We just don't know.

Nevertheless, we cannot look away, for it so perfectly expresses a central theme of suicidefoodism:

The animals see themselves primarily as food. The culinary traditions for which they are ingredients are signifiers as important to them as nations and religions are to humans.

And so the duel, for blood or simply bragging rights, is the culmination of a movement dedicated to driving pigs, cows, and chickens—mostly those, but any animal will do—insane.

For behold! They can be made to identify with their killers, cookers, and consumers so thoroughly, so fiercely, that they will fight on their behalf. Instead of turning their rage around and setting it loose on rational targets, they turn on each other. Divide and conquer. Oldest trick in the book. But fight on, chickens. Fight on for the glory of "your" particular cuisine.

Don't look at the ringside seats unless you want to see the barbecuers wiping the drool away with the backs of their hands.

Fight on, though you will not—cannot—win.


Anonymous said...

I am new to reading this blog and it's looking interesting so far.

frank adam said...
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frank adam said...

Get pissed chickens! You are both going to die and be eaten...jerk or bbq style. Accept your demise and enjoy being delicious! Meat eater marketing is weird. Purdue Chicken has a new ad out featuring the 'wacky' behaviour of the future meat products. Weird.

watzabatza said...

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It tastes so good.

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