Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Pig Out" Catering

Suicide food? What's so suicidal about this pinkest of pigs suspended above the greedy flames?

Is this what you're wondering?

It is grisly, to be sure.

Horrific, we agree.

But suicidal? Isn't this but the routine slow-roasting inflicted on untold pig carcasses every day across this miraculous old world of ours?

Sometimes a simple change can throw the matter into stark relief. Let's look at a detail of the image inverted.

Now do you see? The smile?

Though upside down, the fires tickling his ear, the pig smiles! Burning alive, he has found the tranquility he yearned for! At long last, his life, being so short now, so near the end, has meaning. He has even dressed for the occasion. Sort of. If you can call wearing-nothing-but-a-bow-tie "dressing up."

The ward of a quality Australian outfit, he knows he will be delivered into his afterlife with all the enthusiasm, if not the outright brutality, he deserves.

We would also like to point out the sly homage to the checkered flag motif, always appropriate during such times.


Zucchini Breath said...

I'm sure you have been deluged with this link but here i go


Cheers to you

Luella said...

I picked up a Laffy Taffy, and there was a children's joke on it. "Why did the pig go into the kitchen?" Answer: "It felt like bacon." Ha. Ha. So funny.