Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jammin Joes BBQ

Another aging rocker pig trying to cling to relevance. When the crowds stopped coming, when people just up and stopped paying the $5 cover, when he couldn't figure out how to work his online profile, it was time for Jammin Joe to make a career change.

So with that shock of puckish gray hair, the desperate soul patch, the golden earring, he turned to the last resort of so many pigs at the end of the line: barbecue impresario.

Now, surrounded by the trappings of rock 'n' roll rebellion, he dishes up the pig parts to audiences who care nothing for his artistic talents. They line up instead for the chance to partake of his unthinking corporeal qualities: the way his flesh can be made to taste.

Truly, it's all he has left to give, and give he does. All the while, he tells himself he's dying as he lived—defiant, owned by no one. He grabs onto that final, defining illusion, but it is no life preserver. He drags it with him to the bottom.

Addendum: We've never seen the word apostrophobic, but it applies here. Yes, it's Jammin Joes, not Jammin' Joe's. Rock 'n' Rollers have no use for the niceties of punctuation!


Ben said...

Editor's note: The preceding comment, which involved the business dealings of a real person, was deleted. Potentially libelous statements could redound upon us. We have no position on the veracity of the deleted comment.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. I am THE Jammin' Joe's of Jammin' Joe's BBQ and you are referring to another person all together. HE does not own my logo and I suggest you take down your post with MY LOGO immediately.


Anonymous said...

thats my dad your talking about. He has more talent in his little pinky than you do in your whole infantile body. I can write too, it doesn't make me a food critic

h-dog said...

People really should educate themselves about the concept of fair use before they start making demands about what can or cannot be done with their intellectual property...

Ben said...

Dear Anonymice:

Is it possible you are unaware that we are discussing the appearance and personal history of the pig in the Jammin Joes logo? (And not of any actual human being-type person?)

Anonymous #1: We're not sure to whom you are referring when you say "HE does not own" your logo.

Anonymous #2: We never impugned your father's talent. Nor did we offer criticism of the food served at Jammin Joes.

walrus said...

I think you two anonymous folks are getting it all wrong. BEN is not slammin your Dad or his talent. BEN is not slammin anyone here. BEN is merely poking fun at the Jammin Joe's BBQ sign, which, if you ask me, is pretty ridiculous. But that is neither here nor there.

Also, BEN removed a comment from another person that was slammin Jammin Joe, and I think BEN did the right thing by removing it. That takes dignity, and respect, if you ask me.

Chill out, it's O.K. People will still continue to eat at your restaurant, and BEN will go on posting pictures of other ridiculous logos from other ridiculous restaurants, and 10 years from now we will all look upon this ridiculousness and laugh.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine that the rock 'n' rolling pig (and not the real Jammin Joe, who I'm sure is a fine gentleman) plays some particularly foul country-rock. I could be wrong though.