Monday, February 16, 2009

Smokin' Chicks

While we can't know whether this alluring bird is a showgirl, chanteuse, or madam, we can say that she is another proud spokesthing for a movement bent on retribution.

(Nothing is so bizarre that the suicidefoodists won't try it. Repeatedly. That's right: this is not the first "flamboyant" avian we've seen!)

Unnatural objects of desire must be punished. Only by consigning them to the flames can the suicidefoodists' guilt be destroyed. At least until the next livestock vixen or naughty hamburger comes along. And so this sexy creature—this smokin' chick—will be sacrificed. For their sins.

Her bustline, her hourglass shape, her gaze like that of the haughty houri. They stir within the suicidefoodists things that throw their psyches into turmoil. To restore equilibrium, they are forced to eradicate her.

And while the double meaning of chick is blatant, note also the various senses of smoking: erotically charged (of course), cooking or curing by means of smoke (yes, yes), and murdering.

1 comment:

Erika said...

Gross! Am I supposed to want to eat that or take it on a date?