Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sexy Pig

Well, there you have it.

The entire nauseating suicidefoodist philosophy is summed up in these two side-by-side images!

Marilyn Monroe, the essence of playful sex appeal. Erotic yet innocent. Voluptuous yet girlish. And, of course, a tragic example of a soul too fragile for this world.

And then there's Sexy Pig.

That these two can be set up in direct correspondence—the elements of Marilyn's famous Seven Year Itch photo appropriated by a pig hoping to die for her corporate masters—serves only to highlight the difficulty of our mission.

Where Marilyn had a puff of air from a sidewalk grate, Sexy Pig has flames. (From air to fire. That is, from heaven to hell?) Where Marilyn's mishap is the standard pin-up depiction of a woman caught in a gently embarrassing situation, Sexy Pig offers us a vision of a woman-pig burning alive.

With a spit running right through her from hip to hip.

And her facial features appearing to melt.

This sexist Sexy Pig (her very existence depends on comparing woman to livestock) transmutes light-hearted sexuality into soul-searing pain. Thus is the Movement's sour alchemy that seeks continually to make over everything into death.

(Sexy Pig image source.)


Anonymous said...

I've often heard women referred to as a "tasty dish", and thought it sounded a little morbid. Suicidefoodism truly has no bounds...

Ben said...

(Different Ben, by the way.)

Chris said...

but the Rib Ticklers are truly the first at upskirting suicide foods!!!

Ben said...

Chris is referring to these rib ticklers.