Thursday, November 20, 2008

Special Report: Pig Logo Exposé 6

To think, it all started with the Georgia Barbecue Classic! In the 15 months since we analyzed the rotund barbecue inhabitant, reports have filtered in.

Please consider this collection of lookalikes and wonder at the tenacity of the barbecuers, and the stubbornness of an idea.

(Have you been keeping up with our series of barbecue logo exposés? The previous one is here. Of course, as soon as we blow the lid off one of these, the suicidefoodists erect another lid. Is this a losing proposition for us? Should we give up? Never!)

(Left to right, by row: Georgia Barbecue Classic, Smitty's Smokehouse and BBQ joint, LawLers Barbecue; Family Ski Meisters Pig Roast, Hog Heaven Ribs, Bubba's BBQ; Stone's Bones, Lonnie's Bar-B-Que (source), Tom's Ribs; Green River Bar-B-Que, Henry's Smokehouse (source), sign on offer at ebay.)

This fellow's standard traits are easy to enumerate: Heart-shaped snout disc, broad smile, floppy right ear, and implement-ready hands. Naturally, not every example of the pig we dub Lumpy includes each of these features. Indeed, Lumpy shows up in a stunning array of variations! Sometimes, he holds a knife and fork (or fork and knife). Sometimes a knife and spoon. Sometimes a fork and glass, and sometimes nothing at all. With or without bandanna, snout round or cordate, beady of eye or not, he is always game to be eaten.

Cheerful to the end, Lumpy only wishes he could sit with you a little longer and enjoy your company (and the taste of pig flesh!), before gladly trotting off to the back room, where his gleeful throat is happily slit.

Addendum (12/21/08): Lumpy's thirteenth sighting! This time, he appears on behalf of Carl's Perfect Pig Bar-B-Que & Grill!

Addendum 2 (2/10/09): Number 14.

Addendum 3 (4/06/09): Lumpy returns for appearance number 15.

Addendum 4 (4/27/09): And, now arriving, appearance number 16!

Addendum 5 (7/12/09): Well, looky here! It's number 17.

Addendum 6 (12/18/09): Number 18.

Addendum 7 (4/19/10): Number 19? Our panel of judges says yes. (The heart-shaped snout disk clinched it.)

Addendum 8 (12/05/10): Number 20. Lumpy's just as fresh and sassy as ever!

Addendum 9 (6/30/11): Number 21 (and the second train-related specimen).

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