Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Doctor of BBQ

We admit it: we can almost begin to have a glimmer of a hint of understanding when it comes to the sexy sow motif so familiar to students of suicidefoodism. (Her, for instance.) That is to say, we understand that sexual imagery exerts a powerful pull. But this is beyond us.

We have searched, fruitlessly, for any trace of appeal. This image appears to contain no enticement whatsoever.

What are we promised? After all, every advertisement makes a promise, usually a cynical one. What does the cruel doctor promise? What secret fantasy, hidden even to our own hearts, does he promise to unlock?

The fantasy of a callous, sneering surgeon flicking ashes into our gaping chest cavities? An emergency room visit made nightmarish through blatant disregard?

When we need help, a reassuring word, the strength provided by a kind glance, what does the Doctor give us instead? Pig ribs and a bad attitude.

And wait a minute! Presumably, he's a doctor for pigs, yes? So just whose ribs is he rushing to the table? The botched appendectomy in 204?

And when he runs out of patients whose care he can similarly "mismanage"? He'll hook up the IV to himself to supply the finest rack of ribs yet.

Addendum: Remember Dr. Chuckie, the Doctor of BBQ's predecessor?


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben
Do you like girls? Probably not huh?

Anonymous said...

If you own a business, the intent of a logo is to identify who you are and what you do in as brief a moment as possible. Most people only see a logo or advertisement for less than 2 seconds.

With this logo, in that two seconds, both the cartoon pig carrying food, and the use of "BBQ" in the name, tell without a doubt that this is a BBQ restaurant.

Mission accomplished. Good logo.

Brandon O'Dell
O'Dell Restaurant Consulting

Anonymous said...

This entire web site is a joke. I think the Dr of BBQ logo is very funny And certainly let’s the viewer know exactly what the good Doctor sells at his stand.

I love good food and especially good BBQ. Hats off to the Doctor and his logo. But I do wonder if the pig he uses as his logo has a name? Arnold maybe?

Why not drop a note to the owner and ask him about his logo? Just a thought from a BBQ fan, and now a Doctor of BBQ fan.

Anonymous said...

I know the fine Dr., the Dr. is a friend of mine... and let me tell you Ben. you are no Dr.!

Actually the cartoon pig is so fitting of the style of the fine Dr.! And for the anonymous writer who asked if the mascot hog has a name.. the answer is yes... it is Kelly.

His food is outstanding and the sauce he utilizes is more addictive than crack!

Anonymous said...

What a unique use of the visual in advertising the unique setting offerd by the Dr.

I perosnally think it is just short of genius!

In the backroads of France there has never been seen the likes of advertising such as this.