Friday, May 2, 2008

La Pera Brothers Live Poultry

Why so angry, Executioner Chicken? The way you're clamped down on that cigar, every muscle straining, practically leaping at every passerby… Well, it can't be good for a bird.

When it comes to "food" animals desperate to hasten their departure from the world of light and love, pigs come most readily to mind. (With representatives like these famous self-grinders, it's no wonder.) Pigs have practically cornered the market on that kind of crazed, but helpful, ambition.

But there he stands, our chicken, beak leering around cigar stub, axe in hand. He is daring you to take him up on his offer. He has the axe right there—he sleeps with it! Let's do this thing.

Yes, he does appear to be a distinctly peculiar emblem for a purveyor of "live" poultry, but you forget. These birds are alive only up until their time of death, a time chosen by you, the discriminating consumer. And so the axe is the perfect symbol, for it represents that exquisite moment when being becomes matter. That is to say, product.

Executioner Chicken's rage? You're keeping his destiny waiting!

(Thanks to Dr. Bea for the referral and the image.)


bazu said...

I'm going to cry.

Anonymous said...

Those shops are pretty grim anyway. I hope nobody brings the idea to the UK. And i may have jinxed things by saying that.