Saturday, May 24, 2008

BBQ House

This bikini-wearing sow presents us with an example of we may term the Fallacy of the Natural Cause.

The Fallacy functions in two ways: by giving weight to the absurd notion that “food” animals die from natural causes and by blurring the line between the deliberate and the accidental or circumstantial. In either event, not eating the animal would be a tragic waste. It’s already dead and we dare not let its death be for nothing. (The Pig Roaster is the classic example of this ploy.)

In the case of BBQ House, the sun’s rays—life-giving, nurturing—are equated with the fires of the grill. What is the sow’s cause of death? Who’s to say? It would take Quincy to sort it all out. Let’s leave it for another day—the pork’s getting cold.

Where this image excels is in featuring a vulnerable bathing beauty as the subject. Notice that this takes care of two problems at once. It butchers two pigs with one chop, you might say. It sanitizes the experience by allowing us to imagine our meal in her prime, enjoying everything life has to offer, and it makes the pig's death look like an unforeseeable beach mishap.

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