Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Greater Omaha BBQ Society

Omaha! Flowering Rome of east central Nebraska! One can only imagine what heights they reach, when even their Barbeque Society (barbeque society?) can achieve such magnificent perversity! For here, in their (admittedly, um, "rustic") logo, we have the unholy trinity of the barbecued: Pig, Chicken, and Cow. And they are not only present, not only offering their blessings to the goings-on of the G.O.B.S., not only adorably cheerful. They are eager cooks, each adorned with the requisite chef's hat. The pig—always the pig—is the ringleader. He's got the spatula and the protruding, nothing-goes-down-as-easy-as-cannibalism tongue of the damned.

The chicken, looking as vapid as any poultry anywhere, is reduced to a supporting role. And it's possible that the cow is nothing but a decapitated head balanced on the pig's fleshy elbow. Smile now, dupes—you're the second, third, and fourth courses.

Feel good about barbecue yet?

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