Saturday, April 11, 2009

Suicide Snacks: quickies 4

We're more than long-winded dissertations on the arcana of suicidal "food" animals. Occasionally, we like to offer up brief dissertationettes! Thus, this post, the fourth in our "quickies" series. (Please view the previous installment, won't you?)

How to account for the relentless cheerfulness of these shills in the face of their imminent barbecuing? Simple: they've been smoking. In the wiregrass. If you know what we mean.

Yes, this chicken, posing for the portrait that will be hung after he has been killed, butchered, and eaten, is certainly foolish.

Oh dear God.

Somehow, a hapless child has fallen into the lap of the Brew City BBQ's hellish mascot. Fresh from the flames, his crackling skin stained by blood-red sauce, he delights in the unholy state he has achieved.

This is PigOut-brand wild beast bait, a "wildlife attractant for pigs, deer & bear." And damned if the wild pig on the label doesn't look thrilled to be attracted. He'll gladly offer himself up to the hunters' arrows, bullets, and, um… swords (?) for a chance to taste the "ooey gooey concentrated" goodness! And do you get the feeling this whole business is feeding his ego a little? Okay, a lot?

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Anonymous said...

The blown up pig thing (vinyl blowup doll thing) is really scary and I think it's gross. Really gross.