Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ye Olde Cherry Tree

The practitioners of suicidefoodism are cunning fabulists, conjuring fantastical worlds of illogic as a matter of course. Their every "truth" is a falsehood. Deception is their bones and viscera bread and butter. The very basis of their movement is self-contradictory, absurd on its face. So this image should hardly surprise us. Even so, it is exciting in its ridiculosity.

A monstrous pig, 20 feet at the shoulder, looms over the Ye Olde Cherry Tree. He could crush it with one blow. He could end the traditional hog roast there in the blink of an angry eye. Crash! This is for your tradition! Smash! This is for your love of dead pigs!

But no. He doesn't. In the world of suicide food, even a gargantuan pig is happy with his lot, satisfied that he lives only to die.

The cryptic glyph above Pigoliath's head might indicate that he has been enjoying his own beer festival out back. Is that what transformed a rampaging abomination into a willing victim?

1 comment:

KCinDC said...

I thought the pig might have a cherry tree growing out of his forehead (maybe he was shot with a cherry pit by Baron von Munchausen).