Monday, January 21, 2008

Pork B.B.Q. Buffet House

The Pork B.B.Q. Buffet House has it all: Korean writing, Chinese writing, a swank Vancouver address, generous hours, and willing pig entree/impresarios.

Indeed, two ends of the spectrum—the toddler and the debauched entertainer—urge you to eat pork. (We are reminded of the town pig/country pig routine from Ballard Meats.) This is a classic ploy, suggesting as it does a unanimity of thought. People, yes, but also pigs—all pigs, from the guileless to the jaded—give you their endorsement. So eat eat eat! You will offend them if you refuse their hospitality.

In this, the advertisement seeks to underscore the inevitability of the consumption of meat. To present it as a given, unassailable by virtue of its ubiquity.

And, lest you think that this Elvis business is an aberration within suicidefoodism, remember that the Movement, many-tentacled and grasping, can and will co-opt any subculture, any cultural reference, any touchstone of contemporary society. We have seen the "food" animal Smokin’ Elvises, as well as the Love Meat Tender beef-cattle farm. And that is all we need to see to know that we are up against a foe with shape-shifting skills straight out of a crummy science fiction paperback.

Addendum: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Smokin' Elvises.

Addendum 2 (3/12/08): Another Elvis reference!

Addendum 3 (4/18/08): More Elvis! This, from the Rock'n Ribs BBQ Festival of Springfield, Missouri.

Addendum 4 (6/23/08): We wish we had never brought his up.

Addendum 5 (11/09/08): Yes. Greaseland (source).

Addendum 6 (9/25/09): Another sighting of Vegas-era Pig Elvis?

Addendum 7 (10/18/09): Pig Elvis or merely a generic porcine rock-n-roller? It's hard to say. Pro this-is-another-Elvis-pig: Jumpsuit with big, open collar; vaguely 50s-inspired hairstyle; blue (suede?) shoes. Con this-is-another-Elvis-pig: He's playing a gigantic electrified rib; Elvis wore nerdglasses?

Addendum 8 (6/05/10): Whatever.

Addendum 9 (6/08/10): Pig Elvis has a meat-guitar again. Just like the real Elvis.

(Thanks to Dr. Martin for the referral.)

Addendum 10 (5/06/11): The hits keep on coming. This here's an advertisement for the 2011 Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

Addendum 11 (6/30/11): Elviswine shills for TC's Memphis BBQ.

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