Friday, October 26, 2007

Special Report: Pig Logo Exposé 2

Entrailpreneurs might seem like a fiercely independent bunch, rolling out one clever, meaty image after another. It might seem that way, but—oh, greedy illusion!—it is not always so. There are times, disenchanted and disenchanting times, when their muses refuse to heed the call. Times when the tinder will not catch the spark of genius. The result is knock-off pig logos. Our mission requires us to reveal all the tawdry details.

And so, in the grand tradition of the world's first pig logo exposé, we present to you Pig Logo Exposé 2!

(Clockwise from the top left: The Hog & Lamb Spitroast Co., Pig Out Catering, Steakout Catering, Boys and Girls Club BBQ, Happy Chicken, The Great American Barbecue Roadshow.)

Some observations:

  • Innovation and differentiation are confined, mainly, to color changes.
  • The Boys and Girls Club went all out with the addition of a knife.
  • Happy Chicken offers a design mystery: Why modify such an inappropriate illustration instead of creating your own from scratch? (At least copy an image emphasizing a chicken, fellas!) And, assuming that their cartoon version was not the original, what credence can we give their boastful "THE ORIGINAL" claim?
  • The first two rows of logos all bear a peculiar deformity: the right trotter (our right, not the pigs' right) is curiously sliced clean. In the Boys and Girls Club logo, this affliction is rectified (but notice that in this logo only, the trotters have but two, and not three, "fingers").

    If we had to hazard a guess, we would say that, of the six logos shown here, Pig Out Catering (the upper-right corner) is the earliest exemplar, with the Hog & Lamb Spitroast Co. (the brown and orange) next in line. After that, our forensic instincts fail us.

    Something, some full-trottered version, antedates the iterations with the amputated appendages—so slavishly aped—but what? Additional evidence is welcome.

    (We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Dr. Mrs. Suicidefood in the preparation of this report.)

    Addendum (12/16/07): The clip-art cavalcade continues!

    (Left to right: Classic Rock 96.9 [eastern Virginia] Work Force Pig-Out, Phil's Pig Out BBQ, Lynn's Cakes)

    Addendum 2 (2/15/08): Dave's Pit Smoked Bar-B-Que! That's 10. (Why has no one taken care of that hand deformity?)

    Addendum 3 (4/20/08): Finally, someone retained the services of qualified surgeons. Our pig's left hand is once again whole! For now. (Image source.)

    Addendum 4 (6/12/08): And that's a dozen. The urge to retain the "PIG OUT" tagline is well-nigh irresistible!

    Addendum 5 (10/11/08): Big Daddy's Real Pit Bar-B-Que makes it thirteen.

    Addendum 6 (12/07/08): Number 14—Red Roof BBQ. At last we see this pig's whole body. And it ain't pretty.

    Addendum 7 (1/03/09): This sample shirt design for a family barbecue is number 15. Notice that the problem of handling the left hand has been neatly skirted by simply erasing the fingers.

    Addendum 8 (2/01/09): Number 16 is the mascot for Etobicoke, Ontario's Bustin' Loose BBQ Team! See how they tackled the vexing Left Hand Issue? They flipped the pig so his left hand becomes his right hand!

    And here, following right on Number 16's heels is Number 17! Now he's representing Smokin S Bar-B-Que.

    Addendum 9 (2/04/09): And here's Jaymer-Q Southern BBQ with Number 18.

    Addendum 10 (9/01/10): Has it really been more than a year and a half since we last checked in? The nineteenth specimen is here, looking a little shabby. A little lumpy. A little crazed. But come on. It's him. Take note of the characteristic clawlike hands, the eyeballs, the bandanna. The turnip-shaped snout! Oh, yeah. It's him.

    Francois Tremblay said...

    I don't really see how the Happy Chicken logo is derived from any of the others...

    Ben said...

    Really, francois?

    Please direct your attention to the peanut-shaped pupil holder; the bandannapkin with the left-side fold and the two crescent bow ends; the position of the right-side trotter; the tuft at the top of the head; the placement and shape of the ears.

    We find the evidence overwhelming.

    Francois Tremblay said...

    Circumstantial evidence, to me... there are also marked differences. But no doubt they may have been inspired by these copycat logos.