Monday, November 8, 2010

Smokin' Hot Sistahs

Cow: Girlfriend, look at us!

Sow: Smokin' hot.

Cow: We're sex on the hoof!

Sow: Well, yeah, but also, you know. We're smoking? As in, we'll actually be smoking?

Cow: You know it! As soon we finish choking these chickens, we will actually be smokin' 'em! We are a couple of smokin' hot sisters.

Sow: Sistahs.

Cow: That's what I said.

Sow: Anyway. What they mean by smokin' is also, you know, cooking? Being cooked?

Cow: Sex on the hoof!

Sow: Having smoke rise from our charred flesh?

Cow: Feel the heat, my sister!

Sow: Sistah.

Cow: X-rated!

Sow: Let's just hop into the barbecues and do this, okay?

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