Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Special Report: Pig Logo Exposé 9

Oh, why not? What's one more go-round on the carousel of barbecue-related tedium? Here it is: Pig Logo Exposé 9. Of course, after the last installment—the blockbuster that was exposé number eight—we don't know how much enthusiasm we can muster.

(From left to right, by row: Whale Belly BBQ, Red Red Swine BBQ Sauce, generic barbecue neon sign; "Bar-B-Q" Country, Cookin' With a Little Spit Q Crew, St. Catherines Rotary Rib Fest; J. B. Hog Roast, Adams Rib, Junior's Chicken & Ribs; unknown, Butt Whoop, generic "Hot Fresh BBQ" metal sign, Buck's BBQ.)

Whether bareheaded or in a chef's pristine toque, ball cap, or Country Gentleman-style straw hat, we know him. With or without the wheatstraw in his mouth, we know him. Guzzling beer or sipping wine, we know him.

We know him by his hooded eyes, his pride, his girth. But mostly by his overalls. And so shall he be called… Overalls. The latest stem cell from which a brood of barbecue mascots are cloned.

Addendum (7/03/10): The fourteenth appearance of Overalls.

Addendum 2 (1/10/11): And the fifteenth!

Addendum 3 (12/16/11): Here are the 16th (referred to us a while ago by Dr. Jen) and the 17th Overalls.

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