Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lucky Pig Lounge

Let us count this pig's blessings.

1. He is in apparent good health. (For now.)

2. He can walk on two feet.

3. He has a lovely smile.

4. He is servant to a lazy gnome with tiny little boots that jab him in the armpits.

5. He works for an establishment that has pledged to turn him into pulled pork sandwiches.

It all adds up to good fortune under any definition.

Of course, maybe we're looking at this all wrong. Maybe the lucky pig in question isn't this poor fellow at all, but the generic customer of the Lucky Pig Lounge. Maybe this is another case of IAS, wherein meat-eaters take on the identities of "food" animals for all-around jocularity and yuks.

Either way, something gets to die.

1 comment:

Desdemona said...

Okay, Ben. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but in a number of complex ways, this may ACTUALLY be the most incomprehensibly screwed up thing I've seen here. Why is the pig a biped? Why is the gnome so tiny? Or, if he's not, then why is the pig so gargantuan? What are the shamrocks doing here (I mean, he's a gnome, not a leprechaun!)? What makes the pig so damned lucky (beyond your - admittedly compelling - list, which doesn't quite satisfy me on this point)? Maybe it's the PIG who is Irish, thereby answering the shamrock/luck question? Basically, looking at this makes me feel like I've taken LSD - my mind is officially blown, and as anyone can tell you, that takes some doing. I think I'll go lie down now.