Friday, October 2, 2009

Le Roi Rose

Finally, a regal pig with some flair! Leave it to the Europeans to show up America's would-be pig royalty. (Like this pig. Or this one. Or him.)

The Pink King cares for neither wealth nor comfort. Like all good imperial figureheads, he cares only for conquest. Except… not the kind of conquest we usually think of when it comes to the head that wears the crown.

No, the Pink King dreams of his own conquest! The expansion of his empire interests him not at all. His Divine Right is not to rule, but to be ruled.

And so he marches beneath his wheat-blazoned banner, to the fires destined to knock him off his throne.

The Pink King is dead! Long live the Pink King!

1 comment:

Cavall de Quer said...

Interesting that the attitude of the pig is the traditional Lamb-of-God one - which presumably is familiar to almost everyone who's ever visited a cathedral/ancient monument (or indeed pub, in England, where there are many "Lamb and Flags"). Wonder what it's supposed to provoke in the observer?