Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jurassic Pork

Shove your head through a couple plate glass windows and this will all make perfect sense.

Until then, however, you're on your own.

This thing is a jumble of conflicting symbolism: is Jurassic pork big and gamy? Is it just really, really old?

Its one suicidefoodistically pure element, naturally, is the theme of the Submissive Dominant (last seen in this manly example). To refresh your memory—so many lofty concepts to assimilate!—the Submissive Dominant is a depiction of the targeted animal as a superpredator, giant, or invincible being who, nevertheless, wants to be killed. The Submissive Dominant is the ultimate shill for the abattoirs, the Movement's ace in the hole.

In this case, a Jurassic therapod (we assume it's T. rex, although T. rex lived in the Cretaceous and didn't sport a Puff the Magic Dragon tail) has melded with a pig. And how does P. rex express his physical superiority? Does he chase down humanity like so much puny prey?

No, silly. He grabs a knife and fork, becomes the mascot of the barbecue team, and waits patiently for his turn on the spit. In fact, far from exercising his prerogative as a killing machine, P. rex has really let himself go. His gut hangs down over his scaly waist and he probably smells of booze even when he rolls out of bed at noon.

Bonus: A glimpse of P. rex's back.


Giselle said...

Gah... not only is it a mutant, it shows plumber's crack!

Anonymous said...

I think it's even worse - this isn't a mash-up of two species, but of three! For the hairy abdomen and the navel are clearly human - pigs have navels, but they are very faint and hardly visible.

Anonymous said...

his beer gut is probably the least appetizing thing on here in a while

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the body hair is really disturbing to me. Not that it would be much better without it.