Sunday, September 20, 2009

Smokey & The One Arm Bandit BBQ Team

Do you need to give it a minute? Do you get what's going on?

This is the latest thing in dysfunctional suicidefoodist circles. They call it daisychaining: the reciprocal consumption of body parts. (Which also neatly skirts any lingering misgivings the animals might have about autophagy.)

In this case, the chicken's leg is fed to the pig, the pig's butt (that is, shoulder) is fed to the cow, and the cow's brisket (or whatever) goes to the chicken. Of course, in successive stages of the game, things get a little more dicey. You really separate the hard-core players from the lightweights when you reach the heart/tripe/wing round.

But these guys, they really want to be eaten. It's their sport. Or hell, maybe it's their religion.

Disheartening addendum: As horrifying as this will be for some of you, we have already featured two other amputee chickens! (Here and here.) All of your nightmares have already been rendered, somewhere, by someone, in loving detail.

Disheartening addendum 2: Is this peg-legged pig, living it up in Paris's Bistro Gourmand, a fellow daisychainer? Or just another lost soul? (Thanks to Dr. Ted for the referral and photo.)

Addendum 3 (10/08/09): Another amputee pig? Once you start looking for horrors…

Addendum 4 (11/01/09): A beautiful, destined-to-be-classic example of daisychaining clip-art.


John V. said...

Maybe the "Smokey" image is a suicidefoodists' form of strip poker? Instead of taking off their clothes, they take off their body parts and the others eat them. I don't see any cards on the table though, so maybe it's "strip scissors-paper-rock" (which is a tough game to play with wings and cloven hooves, especially when you start losing them)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's an eating contest

Fingus said...

There is a hint of blue collar homoeroticism in this image.

Headless Blogger said...

5 Nooses, I am so proud. But it was all the Bandit's doing. He didn't ask for permission or for forgiveness when he came up with that logo.